Schuler-Haas Electric Corp. has been a fully licensed and bonded Union Electrical Contractor in Rochester, New York since 1961. The business was started by Jack Schuler, George Haas and Joyce Donnelly on May 1st 1961 in the basement of Jack’s father’s house. After years of steady growth they moved to 224 Mt. Hope in 1964 where they remained for 36 years. In 2000 a major change occurred at the corporation as Jack and George retired and were bought out by Dan Streicher and Jack’s son Edward Schuler. The company also moved across the street to a larger 16,000 square foot facility located at 250 Mt Hope Ave. Joyce Donnelly, Jack’s sister, still remains with the company at the age of 89.

Our Values

Jack Schuler and George Haas started the company on the idea of giving the customer a quality installation at a fair market price.  Customer satisfaction and company integrity led to sustained growth while creating long-term business relationships that still exist today. The concept has been the cornerstone of the company throughout the years and is called forward by today’s owners Dan Streicher and Ed Schuler. Throughout the years, the company has continued to serve the commercial, industrial, institution, and utility construction markets. Our high rate of customer satisfaction has allowed us to expand geographically into the Ithaca, Corning, and Binghamton, NY markets.

The long standing values of “Do the Right Thing” set forth by Jack and George has led the company to twice be named a finalist for the Rochester Business Ethics Award. We are proud of our employees, contribute voluntarily and financially in our communities and value the relationships we have developed with our suppliers.

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