Safety First and Always

The safety record at Schuler-Haas has been considered one of the best in the electrical contracting industry for many years. Dan Streicher and Ed Schuler have developed a safety culture throughout the company that states “Safety First and Always”. Cost is not an issue when it comes to following company safety procedures and providing the appropriate safety equipment for each of our 300 employees. A 10-hour OSHA card is mandatory for all employees and new hires, while a 30-hour OSHA card is mandatory for all foreman and general foreman. The company safety manual is extensive, thorough, and must be read by anyone entering a Schuler-Haas jobsite. We hold all our subcontractors to the highest safety standard set forth by the industry.

The company’s commitment to safety is evident in the accolades accumulated over the years. In 2004, Schuler-Haas Electric was named a supplier of the year by the Eastman Kodak Company. We have also won the “Safety Net Award” from our workers compensation carrier from 2004-2009. The award recognizes the Top 10 Safest Electrical Contractors in New York State. The company EMR is presently .78.

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